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Welcome to Springport Speedway

Welcome to Springport Speedway

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Several style of cars participate at Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway from the radical designs and speeds of the Outlaw Super Late Models to the wild and fun stock front wheel drives. With a nice mixture of divisions and classes we have something that will please every race fan. Our premier divisions are the Outlaw Super Late Models and Modifieds who race bi-weekly, alternating weeks off so we always have at least one premier class scheduled. Our most popular weekly divisions are the Late Model/Sportsman and Street Stocks, The Outlaw Port Stocks and Port Stocks are a budget class that helps introduce new drivers to the sport or gives a division for race teams who race just for the love of the sport.

Outlaw Super Late Models

Outlaw Super Late Models are a class popular to the upper mid-west but is starting to find it’s popularity increase as bigger and bigger events become popular. A premier division at Springport these cars feature jig built tubular steel chassis. The bodies are custom built aluminum works of arts and are designed to be as lightweight as possible. The roofs of these cars are made from composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. The windows are made from poly carbonate, the same material some bullet proof glass is made from and are shatter resistant. They can reach speeds well over 100 MPH and can very easily handle 3 wide racing with their coil over suspension on all four corners. Plenty of NASCAR drivers have raced this series across the country using it as a stepping stone to reach the highest ranks of the sport.

Open Wheel Modifieds

Modified racing began shortly after World War II when drivers began “modifying” their cars from the bulky and heavy street vehicles that came from Detroit. Since most cars from the era had a large non-aerodynamic roof and oversized fenders. Drivers started cutting off these parts all together or replacing them, like the roof, with a flat more aerodynamic piece of metal. As the sport grew so did the division. Today the cars do not resemble any of the stock appearing cars you will find traveling the streets in your hometown. Instead they have a unique look all to themselves. Very popular on the east coast, this class of racing has gotten much popular do to increased TV exposure. Much less expensive to compete in than Late Models, with some of the same suspension and drive train parts, speeds can reach upwards of 90-100 MPH.

Late Model Sportsman

These cars have a stock appearance, but are far from that. With all composite bodies except the doors, this is simply a shell sitting on top of a full blown race car. Complete tubular chassis (on most), rack and pinion steering, coil over suspension front and rear, and V8 engines. 8? inch wheels instead of 10? like super late models demand the driver and crew to search for the perfect set-up. Very fast competition pushes these drivers to perform and rule restrictions in an effort to keep down cost, make this division one of the most competitive.

Street Stocks

The Street Stock class is a rear wheel drive American made car, with v8 engines, stock frames, and plenty of sheet metal. This class is where the traditional short track door banging, and bumper grinding action makes for very exciting race events

Outlaw Port Stocks

Outlaw Port Stocks began life as every day 4 and 6 cylinder street cars. In true automotive race car driver tradition they have proven if it has wheels and an engine they will race it and most importantly modify it to go faster. As a way to keep costs down in the Port Stock division, this division was created to give drivers and race teams the opportunity to modify their cars to go as fast as possible without destroying a budget level class. The main difference between this and the stock class is the tires, suspensions and motors. With the extra traction provided by not racing on a radial tire and instead driving on a race tire some of them are capable of beating a full size car powered by a motor twice as big. They may look like stock cars but they are far from stock; “it’s like driving on the highway at 80 mph in a traffic jam

Port Stocks

The Port Stock Division is a byproduct of the popular enduro series that are raced all over the country. Cars are street vehicles that have been modified for safety with little to no other work performed. Although not powered by V8 engines they carry on the tradition that started the first time cars took to an oval track of just knocking out the windows and racing. Drivers in this class range from the first year rookie with no experience to veteran drivers. The one thing they all have in common is the love of the sport and just wanting to race. If you are looking to get into racing, this is the class for you. For just a few hundred dollars you can be racing in less than a week. These cars may be stock but drivers in this class put on a show every time they take the track, sometimes going 4 or 5 wide on the high banks here at Springport Speedway.

Dwarf Cars

The design of these cars are based a 5/8th scale of cars manufactured from from 1928 to 1948 with full steel roll cages, sheet metal bodies, and are powered by 4 cylinder motorcycle engines between 750cc and 1250cc. With full racing suspension these cars are known to reach speeds of over 100MPH on the straights. What started 10 years ago in Phoenix, AZ has grown rapidly to one of the most popular series of cars in America due to the low cost of building, operating and maintaining them. The unique look and size of these cars appeal to a wide variety of fans but mostly to kids who enjoy the vintage look and size. Although small in size they are not go-carts, with full racing suspension and high powered motors these cars will excite even the most hard core fans. One of the least costly forms of auto racing.


The G.L.O.W Modified’s Racing Series is comprised of open-wheel race cars with pre-nineteen forty-eight production car bodies. The unique body styles and engine packages provide for a nostalgic yet competitive racing series that is sure to delight fans of any generation. The Glow Vintage Modified’s are based out of West Michigan, traveling throughout the Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio Regions making this series one of the hottest short track series in the Midwest. The GLOW Modified’s welcome any VROA or CVM cars to participate in any of their races throughout the season. For more information on the Great Lakes Open Wheel Modified’s (G.L.O.W) visit their website at glowvintagemods.com

Mini Cups

Mini-Cup Cars are full steel tube chassis custom built RACE CARS, don’t let them hear you calling them go carts, that are 1/2 the size of a NASCAR® Monster Energy Cup Series car. These cars have all the things you would find on a real Cup car; like adjustable coil over suspension, disc brakes, rack and pinion steering along with all of the safety equipment you find in cars twice the size. When placed on a short track these cars resemble the size and view you would expect to find if you watched a live race at a 1.5 to 2 mile oval. These cars are also not afraid to go 4, 5 or even 6 wide and provide an entertaining and adrenaline filled experience for race fans every time they go on the track they put on a show.

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