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Welcome to Springport Speedway

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T&N Dairy Kreme Riverside Gear & Axle Mini Wedge Recap 6/3/23


Springport Mid-Michigan Speedway

T&N Dairy Kreme Riverside Gear & Axle Mini Wedge Recap 6/3/23

SR Division Recap

Heat 1 lineup: Dylan Casaday, Abbey Myers, Ryder Yelsik, and LJ Pierman. Coming to the green flag, Myers and Casaday battle for the lead, while LJ Pierman goes to the inside to take the lead from Casaday and Myers. Casaday spins in turn 2 to bring out caution #1. Green comes back out and LJ Pierman picks up where he left off, While Yelsik challenges Myers on the outside for 2nd. Dylan Casaday spins in turn 4 and Ryder Yelsik goes through the infield bringing out caution #2. Green comes back out LJ Pierman is the leader with Abbey Myers putting pressure on for the lead. Casaday brings out caution #3 spinning in turn 2. LJ Pierman and Abbey Meyers make contact in turn 4 and that brings out caution #4. Ryder Yelsik gets loose and gets in to Abby Meyers bringing out caution #5. LJ Pierman brings them to the restart with 1 lap to go, LJ Pierman 1st, Dylan Casaday 2nd, Ryder Yelsik 3rd, and Abbey Myers 4th.

Heat 2 lineup:

Heat 3 lineup: Bobby Johnson, Peyton Robison, LJ Pierman, and Hunter Pierman (DNS). Bobby Johnson is the early leader, LJ Pierman gets by Peyton Robison for 2nd. Bobby Johnson is the winner, LJ Pierman comes home 2nd, and Peyton Robison 3rd.

Heat 4 lineup: Ryder Yelsik, Abbey Myers, and Dylan Casaday. Abbey Myers is the early leader, Ryder Yelsik runs 2nd, and Dylan Casaday 3rd. Abbey Myers gets by Ryder Yelsik for the lead and Yelsik gets shuffled to 2nd and Casaday runs 3rd. Abbey Myers is the winner, Ryder Yelsik 2nd, and Dylan Casaday 3rd.

Feature lineup: Dylan Casaday, LJ Pierman, Bobby Johnson, Ryder Yelsik, Peyton Robison, Abbey Myers, and Hunter Pierman (DNS). Dylan Casaday is out to the early lead while Bobby Johnson challenges LJ Pierman for 2nd, but Pierman had the better run. Abbey Meyers challenges the inside of Bobby Johnson for 3rd. Bobby Johnson gets by LJ Pierman for 2nd and chases down Casaday for the lead. Caution #1 comes out for LJ Pierman spinning in 4. Abbey Myers from the back is now up to 3rd! As the field comes to the restart, Johnson challenges Casaday for the lead. Casaday slams the door hard on Johnson. Casaday leaves the outside open in 3 & 4, Johnson goes to the outside for the lead, and Casaday and Johnson make contact bringing out caution #2. Casaday and Johnson goes to the back for bringing out the caution. The lead now belongs to Abbey Myers. On the restart Abbey Myers starts to pull away while Johnson and Pierman battle for 4th. Ryder Yelsik was running 2nd but got loose in 4 handing 2nd place to LJ Pierman. LJ Pierman spins in 3 bringing out caution #3. Abbey Myers brings the field to the restart with Bobby Johnson pressuring Myers for the lead! Abbey Myers is the winner! Bobby Johnson 2nd, Ryder Yelsik 3rd, Dylan Casaday 4th, LJ Pierman 5th, and Peyton Robison (DNF).

JR Division Recap:

Heat 1 lineup: Owen Ritter, Austin Warning, Kinsley Morrill, and Casen Garrett. Owen Ritter is out to the early lead shuffling Owen Ritter to 2nd. Caution #1 comes out as Kinsley Morrill spins in turn 2. Green comes back out and Owen Ritter picks up right where he left off. Caution flies again as Kinsley Morrill spins in turn 4. Green flag flies again as Owen Ritter gets a great restart and starts to pull away from Austin Warning. Caution #3 flies for Kinsley Morrill in turn 4. Kinsley Morrill all done in the heat race due to Mechanical issues. Owen Ritter gets a great jump on the restart and takes home the win! Austin Warning 2nd, Casen Garrett 3rd, and Kinsley Morrill (DNF).

Heat 2 lineup: Carson Vainner, Colten Schumacher, Elena Rutherford, and Keegan Fouth (DNS). Carson Vainner with a great start with Elena Rutherford staying right with Vainner. Rutherford is putting all kinds of pressure on Vainner. Schumacher tries to challenge Rutherford but gets loose allowing Rutherford to pull away. Rutherford goes way up high in 4th and down the front stretch and gets an awesome run but Carson Vainner was a little bit quicker. Elena Rutherford was running 2nd, but spun bringing out caution #1. Coming to the restart, Elena Rutherford and Colten Schumacher make contact and Schumacher goes around. Coming to the checkered flag, Elena Rutherford and Colton Schumacher put on an AWESOME battle, but it was Colton Schumacher coming home 2nd, Carson Vainner with 1st, and Elena Rutherford 3rd.

Heat 3 lineup: Keegan Fouth (DNS), Elena Rutherford, Colten Schumacher, and Carson Vainner. Elena Rutherford shows the boys how to start a race as she is out to the early lead! Carson Vainner and Colten Schumacher make contact, but Vainner loses it in 2 bringing out our 1st caution. Elena Rutherford with a great restart while Schumacher isn't too far behind her. Colton Schumacher brings out caution #2 as he gets loose off 4 and goes off the speedway off 4. On the restart, Rutherford picks up where she left off and picks up the heat win! Carson Vainner 2nd, and Colten Schumacher 3rd.

Heat 4 lineup: Casen Garrett, Kinsley Morrill, Austin Warning, and Owen Ritter.
Pole sitter Casen Garrett with a great start, while Kinsley Morrill runs way up high in turn 2. Owen Ritter is trying to get a run on 2nd place Kinsley Morrill. Owen Ritter is able to get by Morrill for 2nd. Austin Warning gets by Morrill for 3rd. Caution comes out for Kinsley Morrill. Green flag flies again and Casen Garrett and Owen Ritter battle for the lead. Casen Garrett takes the win! Owen Ritter 2nd, Austin Warning 3rd and Kinsley Morrill 4th.

Feature lineup: Colten Schumacher, Casen Garrett, Kinsley Morrill, Elena Rutherford, Carson Vainner, Owen Ritter, Austin Warning, and Keegan Fouth (DNS). Colten Schumacher and Casen Garrett make contact at the start, but it's Casen Garrett who won that battle. Austin Warning starts making his move to the front going by Kinsley Morrill, and Carson Vainner. Caution #1 comes out for Kinsley Morrill going off the backstretch. Colton Schumacher with a great restart, while Elena Rutherford putting the pressure on Schumacher. Caution #2 comes out as Kinsley Morrill spins out of 4. Green flag flies again and Schumacher picks up right where he left off. Carson Vainner goes by Austin Warning along with Owen Ritter. Caution #3 comes out and Kinsley Morrill spins on the backstretch. Schumacher with a great restart while Elena Rutherford is right there along with Casen Garrett. Caution #4 comes out as Kinsley Morrill spins in turn 2. On the restart, Garrett wastes no time and challenges Rutherford down low for 2nd while Schumacher is the leader. Colten Schumacher loses it on the backstretch and gets in to the infield tires, but we stay green! Caution #5 will come out as Elena Rutherford and Colton Schumacher spin in turn 2. Elena Rutherford goes to the tail for bringing out the caution. It was a 1 lap dash as the green flag came back out! Caution #6 comes out for Colten Schumacher spinning in 2 into the infield. On the restart Owen Ritter moves to the outside of Vainner and takes over 2nd, and then challenges Garrett in 3, but it's not enough Casen Garrett takes the WIN! Owen Ritter 2nd, Carson Vainner 3rd, Austin Warning 4th, Colten Schumacher 5th, Elena Rutherford 6th, and Kinsley Morrill (DNF).

Article Credit: Sean Sprague

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